Born in the USA

Just finished a poster for a series of talks in Cambridge…

I will give a prize to the first person who can correctly name everyone in the picture, which is no mean feat as I’m not too sure about some of the likenesses!

The prize might not be that good though… you’ll just have to wait and see


girls girls girls

happy valentine’s day. here are some girls!

just war

A new illustration for an Open Democracy article on liberal interventionism

my crazy kitten

my kitten is called john ruskin

he likes climbing trees, jumping in the bath and chasing things.

I made a pamphlet about him


haha this is for you Beth!

Royal Parks

my design for the Royal Parks half-marathon t-shirt


Just finished a digital image for an article on opendemocracy about the politics of poppy day. I was going for a kind of early 20th-century avant garde photomontage style. It was interesting making a completely digital image, and actually very fun!

A poster I designed for the single launch of the 22-piece girl alt. choir Gaggle.

Looks like it’s going to be an exciting one!