Like a young fawn taking its first tentative steps from its mother’s side, vulnerable and shaking, so I make my first foray into the world of online blogging. And that just took me about ten minutes to write, so get ready for more laboured similes, self-conscious attempts to be funny and self deprecation.

But that first sentence wasn’t totally in vain, as today I wanted to talk about cute. As a long-standing fan of  cuteoverload, winston and pretty much every video on youtube involving baby sloths, japanese cats and pugs, I often find it slipping into my drawing. I like to think that there’s possibly something more than pure fluff behind this visage of cute, and sometimes the effect of trying to replicate it can be quite creepy:

Although its unfinished, I hope you can agree there is something quite unsettling in the kittens’ eyes…

This evening I took a bit of time off my super-hectic schedule and drew a couple of my recent CO faves.

I also had to take pictures to promote the new saw movie (don’t ask) today. couldn’t resist injecting a little cute into that too, courtesy of the neighbourhood cat

One artist who really knows her cute is Gemma Correll. I recently bought her book of kittens, which was right up my street:

check out her etsy shop for more.

anyway, goodbye for now, stay tuned for more!


2 responses to “cute

  1. These drawings are terrifying. Stop it.

  2. that cat is amazing. i bet he is well into ‘saw’ and it doesn’t even scare him at all.

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