hidden gems

I took the day off work today to… do some other, more fun, work. I was recently asked to come up with some ideas for an EMI sampler cd featuring ‘hidden gems’, songs that are not well known but are good. These are my first three tries:

Today I also helped rosie out with her film. We went into the garden and I sprayed fake smoke from a can and flashed a torch while daniel moved two flying saucers on broom handles around. Over the weekend we might try exploding one with fire crackers.

I also discovered the blog of (i think) a very talented illustrator, Zoe Austin. If you have a minute I’d advise you to go and have a look at her work.

I should have days off more often.


5 responses to “hidden gems

  1. The second one reminds me of the letters page in the Metro
    “I can understand the need to educate children in this world of sex and violence, but I am so sad that they have to sacrifice their innocence. Just lock up paedophiles for life and no one would EVER have to know about sex. Fix the cause before the problem!”

  2. that’s funny you should say that, because I was actually considering drawing a paedophile instead of the box. Or maybe just the shadow of a paedophile

  3. haha i liked the ‘shadow of a paedo’ idea

  4. hello,

    I like the gem beetles….

  5. Hannah, this stuff is amazing! All of it! I love the bugs….x

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