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Born in the USA

Just finished a poster for a series of talks in Cambridge…

I will give a prize to the first person who can correctly name everyone in the picture, which is no mean feat as I’m not too sure about some of the likenesses!

The prize might not be that good though… you’ll just have to wait and see


A poster I designed for the single launch of the 22-piece girl alt. choir Gaggle.

Looks like it’s going to be an exciting one!

Django day


So I’ve been making posters etc. for rockfeedback for a while now, but i just realised I’ve never posted any of them on here. To remedy, here’s all my work from today, including a poster, an advert for a magazine and 4 different ideas fora backdrop for their stage. aaah!

(more legs yesss)

a poster for a new year’s eve show:

and this is an ad for Loud and Quiet magazine:

Hopefully, if this works, you will be able to click on the images for a larger version.

h xx

recent drawings

Just a couple of things I’ve done in the last few days.

Some drawings of London streets – these were a bit too big for my scanner to cope with, so they’ve come out a bit funny…

Oh, and a dog:

I also just finished a poster for my friend martha

hmm.. byeee! xxxxx