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Royal Parks

my design for the Royal Parks half-marathon t-shirt



Just finished a digital image for an article on opendemocracy about the politics of poppy day. I was going for a kind of early 20th-century avant garde photomontage style. It was interesting making a completely digital image, and actually very fun!

today’s drawing

a bit of a rude one… this was a little photoshop experiment. I drew it out by hand then tried colouring on the computer. Again, just click on it and you should see a larger version.

As I’ve been working on my website, I’ve also been looking around at other illustrator’s websites and found some ¬†inspiring stuff which I thought I’d share.

1. Emanuelesi . I like the gentle, humorous nature of this work. Oh, and his dogs.

2. Britta Naslund. Beautiful pencil detail of beautiful girls and boys

3. Arlene Rieneke. A Singapore-based illustrator. I especially like her reimagined book covers (a project I am storing up for a rainy day).

4. Gabriel Moreno. who seems to have worked for everyone. But probably deserves to.

5. Lotte Beatrix Crawford . who produces beautifully messy, and often funny, watercolours.

merry fishmas!

a little late I know…


Just finished these ‘dickensian’ drawings for an article on about the economics of scrooge

read it here

merry christmas! bah humbug


So I’ve been making posters etc. for rockfeedback for a while now, but i just realised I’ve never posted any of them on here. To remedy, here’s all my work from today, including a poster, an advert for a magazine and 4 different ideas fora backdrop for their stage. aaah!

(more legs yesss)

a poster for a new year’s eve show:

and this is an ad for Loud and Quiet magazine:

Hopefully, if this works, you will be able to click on the images for a larger version.

h xx

christmas wish-list

1. Diptyque tubereuse candle

2. bird from liberty

3. cath kidston cat basket

4. hand-cut paper map from studio kmo

5. woolen tights from topshop

6. wedge boots from cos

7. burberry snood (the lighter one)

8. new retro book from thames and hudson

9. chopping board and colander from joseph joseph